Leadership Team Openings

Director of Growth


The ideal Growth Director is a highly energetic, dynamic, influential person who makes an impact in every room they enter. 

Their #1 trait is how they assertively grow companies through recruiting/enrolling talented leaders. 

This individual has proven experience in building successful work teams who have consistently risen to the top of results in their organizations. 

They quickly form and lead teams that align around the company’s culture.


● B2B Sales 

● Leadership 

● Mergers of Sales Teams

● Basic Business Financials

● Business Systems

● SAAS for Business

● Digital Marketing

● Sales Prospecting

● Sales Pipeline

● Consulting or Coaching

Core Responsibilities

1. Achieve annual Member Count goals

2. Build leadership teams that cause members to stay in the network throughout their real estate career

3. Champion the adoption of FD systems, software, models to the field

Definition of Success

1. 5,000 members to the Five Doors Network by EOY 2025

2. Form and lead support teams to ensure 80% retention of all members annually

3. Ensure net profitability 10%+ for Five Doors Inc. through adoption of the FD models, systems, software in the field


Five Doors Chairman – Weekly

Five Doors Board of Directors – Quarterly

Five Doors Growth Partners – Daily/Weekly

Five Doors Members – Weekly/Monthly (training, meetings, masterminds)

CFE Leadership Team – Weekly / As Needed

Recruits – All day, everyday

Management Responsibilities

Growth Partners – Specific to hitting growth/recruiting goals

Marketing – Specific to hitting growth/recruiting goals



B2B Sales

Result Driven Marketing

Business Leadership/Strategy

Team building / “Teamifying” Skills

Modern software for business efficiency