Generational Wealth Fund

Giving back through legacy-changing opportunities

Putting Down Real Estate Roots

Five Doors Network is built on the idea that there’s a better way to build a successful real estate business—one that doesn’t burn you out or take everything you’ve got to give.

In that spirit of giving back, we’ve taken it one step further by creating the Generational Wealth Fund. This is a shared ownership fund that offers collective buying power for greater return.

Growing Purchasing Power

Even when the market fluctuates, or the bubbles burst, smart real estate investments stand the test of time.

But breaking the ceiling and acquiring truly legacy-changing properties takes some serious purchasing power.

This is why Five Doors created the Generational Wealth Fund. By combining purchasing power, the fund acquires bigger investments faster, allowing team members to start investing the way they’ve always planned to.

How Does the Generational Wealth Fund Work?

Five Doors Network Growth Partners are eligible to participate in the Generational Wealth Fund.

If they opt to become a member of the fund, team leaders can allocate earnings directly into it—pooling buying power and linking them together with like-minded real estate savvy investors.

Collective buying power empower fund members to:

  • Leap years ahead in purchasing power
  • Buy large, long-term assets
  • Add individual team members to the fund at the group’s discretion
  • Access an ever-growing, profit-driven investment that’s controlled solely by funded members

Shared Ownership Means

True Equality

Fund members are in control of purchase decisions, pooling their real estate expertise.

Strong Investments

Collective ownership allows for the purchase of more substantial real estate investments.

Legacy Building

Lay claim to a better future. Invest in assets that build wealth for generations to come.

Controlled and Owned By Members

Building generational wealth—actually creating a life-changing legacy through hard work and calculated risks—is deeply ingrained into Five Doors Network’s DNA.

And when we choose to take those risks, make those purchases, and use our brain power as a collective, there’s so much more strength and safety to be had.