The Five Doors Network

A real estate network that helps you scale without adding time or stress.

You run your real estate team. It shouldn’t run you.

With billions of dollars in sales, hundreds of team members recruited, and decades of industry experience, we know real estate. Especially all the ways running a team, and even a brokerage, just doesn’t make sense.

Five Doors Network introduces a new way of doing great business, with premium levels of support that traditional brokerages simply aren’t designed to provide.


Always On The Clock?

You’re always one strong hire, one ad campaign, one new system away from profitability. But even then, who has time for the experimentation? Who has cash for all that extra support?

It seems it always comes down to one person: you. And you’re stuck. Mired in minutiae.

It’s time to choose something that works. One solution that will finally help you ditch the hamster wheel forever.

Five Doors Network:
Built For The Future of Real Estate

Every team has unique needs. Schedule a no-obligation Smart Growth Strategy call to explore how we can best help your business thrive.


Programs built for high-volume, mega-producing real estate teams—and those who want to get there.

Staff On-Demand

Access to digital office staff, plus finance, operations, and marketing experts. Regular strategy and alignment meetings keep you on course.

Business Strategy

The traditional real estate playbook makes multi-location and hyper-successful teams hard to sustain, we’re here to help you dream bigger.

Shared Ownership

Build real generational wealth through unique real estate investment opportunities. Shared ownership gives you equal partnership with other driven members.

DIY Options

Plug-and-play options help you get up and running fast with leadership curriculum, team development, sales and event resources, and access to the Five Doors Network peer community.

Custom Solutions

You know your market and your business better than anyone. Get concierge level assistance with custom projects, from development to implementation.

Secure the Future You’ve Always Wanted

Conscious Collaboration

Not all teams are built the same. Lean on Five Doors principles, while staying true to your unique needs and market.

Fulfilled Work Life

Enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to build. Five Doors support takes the heaviest weight off your shoulders.

Rooted Future

Rocket your revenue beyond the small stakes by building a successful real estate business that grows into generational wealth.

“I joined the Teal Clise group in June. There are many things I could say about my experience so far but the main thing is that I am gaining confidence in myself and believing that I can quit my other career and become a full-time agent sooner than I initially thought. I appreciate how my successes, no matter how small they are, are celebrated. Five doors sent me a card in the mail after my first listing. It has really made me feel good.”

Jennifer Gordon; Five Doors Network Member, Central Maryland

Joining the Five Doors Network

Wondering just what being a Five Doors member looks like? We’ve created 3 membership levels, from DIY to full concierge level service.


Discover how to back your time and reduce stress while improving your business from the top down.

This level empowers you to self-implement with:

  • Leadership curriculum
  • Team development
  • Sales & event resources
  • Access to the Five Doors peer community

BONUS: Invitation to annual Five Doors live event



Focus on the software and systems you need to build a business that gets better results with fewer hours.

This level gives you the Basics plus:

  • Masterminds and group training with Five Doors founder Seth Campbell
  • Deep dive into the software systems you need to move your team to the next level
  • Virtual Team access

BONUS: Invitation to annual Five Doors live event


Go all in with the complete Five Doors Network program to rocket your success while freeing up your time.

This level offers everything from the others, plus:

  • Access to veteran experts for support and guidance in strategy, finance, operations, and marketing.
  • Dynamic strategy and alignment meetings
  • Shared ownership opportunities

BONUS: VIP Invitation to annual Five Doors live event

Interested In Learning More? Hop On a Smart Growth Strategy Call:

Is hard work always the best work?

It’s time to separate grueling work from good work. Putting every spare second and ounce of yourself into your business is a losing game—one where you can easily burn out before you reap any of the benefits.

Being a Five Doors Network member isn’t a take-over. It’s an upgrade that benefits you and your team, giving you more freedom, profitability, and the support you’ve always dreamed of.


Working with Five Doors Network

Five Doors Network is a real estate network that gives you the the power to leap years ahead and bypass many mistakes in building your real estate business.

Working with Five Doors gives you access to enterprise-level staff on-demand, bespoke tech built to support high volume teams, and so much more—all while keeping your name on the door and your current team happy.

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Put It To Work

We’re happy to point you in the right direction and let you get back to the grind, but we want to offer you a better way.

Find out exactly how Five Doors Network can help you scale your business without losing anything you love.