Smart Growth Strategy Assessment

Uncover your blind spots and finally discover what separates you from becoming one of the strongest real estate companies in the country.

Take our free Smart Growth Strategy Assessment to get the nitty-gritty details on how to increase revenue and grow your real estate business with less time and stress.


Find Out What’s Missing

You’re working more hours than ever, sacrificing family time, free time, and hobbies—putting everything but work on hold. How long can it last?

Sure you’re working hard, but are you working smart?

Five Doors Network was founded by real estate agents who were tired of spinning their wheels. After working with teams across the country, we developed a diagnostic test for your real estate business.

Use our free Smart Growth Strategy Assessment to find out exactly where you need to focus your efforts to maximize your success.

How Does It Work?

What if you could pinpoint exactly what’s keeping your real estate business from being one of the most successful in the country?

With our Smart Growth Strategy Assessment it’s easy. You take 10 minutes, we give you our expert opinion—for free.

Our 5 strategic pillars work together to create synergy and strength. When one fails, your overall business health weakens. The tricky part is that most people misunderstand just when to prioritize what.


Taking The Quiz Will…

  • Uncover where you shine
  • Pinpoint where you’re struggling
  • Show you exactly how to move forward

Take the Smart Growth Strategy Assessment If You Want:

Deep Industry Knowledge

Access decades of real estate industry experience.

Unbiased Feedback

Get the constructive criticism you’re craving for your business.

A Chance To Grow

Clarify your path to a future where you can scale AND enjoy life.

Built For Real Estate Agents By Real Estate Agents

We didn’t build this assessment to give out generic business advice. There’s enough of that out there already.

We designed a powerful, strategic tool for assessing your real estate business based on decades of experience.

Why? Because we are passionate about our industry—and we know the pain of feeling like you just can’t work hard enough to see the success you want.

In 10 minutes, and in under 40 questions, we can help you make powerful realizations about where your business stands, what you can aspire to, and how to get there. And it’s all free.

“This last year we nearly DOUBLED our business putting us at $2mm GCI for the year and our profitability is more than ever before. Partnering with Five Doors has truly allowed me to focus on my areas of strength while also exposing me to true masters in other areas that I am not as strong in. Who we associate with matters. I am constantly impressed and grateful for the people I get to partner with in this business from our high level CFO to our finance manager, to our sales and operations leaders and marketing team! I have learned so much and been able to better equip myself and my team members for success through access to great people who truly care about our success as a team.”
Chad Hauer

Location Leader - Tacoma

“We are headed into a future where leaders who choose to take a stand towards what they want in life and the impact they choose to make for this generation and the next, is a reality through the Five Doors Network’s Tribe, Leadership, Customer Experience, and Technology
Chris Benson

Location Leader - Omaha

“I’m glad that I made the decision to join Five Doors, I don’t believe that I’d have come as far as I have in such short time without the advice or resources of this team. The most important part to me is the fact that Five Doors continues to push me to grow and overcome challenges as a person and shows me what it means to be a leader. It not only shows up in business, but in all other areas of your life as well.”
Kirk Cassel

Five Doors Network Member, Omaha

What is Five Doors Network?

Five Doors Network is a real estate network that gives you the the power to leap years ahead and bypass many mistakes in building your real estate business.

Working with Five Doors gives you access to enterprise level staff on demand, a powerful mastermind group, plus bespoke tech built to support high volume teams—all while keeping your name on the door.